Expires soon Société Générale


  • V.I.E.
  • Madrid (Madrid)
  • December 1, 2018
  • Master, Titre d'ingénieur, Bac +5
  • IT development

Job description

CORI/CCG/CRE is a unit of the Client & Credit Group (“CCG”).
The CRE team in Iberia is composed of 11 individuals: one manager and 10 analysts, 2 of which are supervisors.
The credit applications are handled by CCG at the request of relationship managers and of the business lines and relate to a portfolio of corporate clients, a number of which are on the IBEX 35 list of top companies in Spain, but also with privately-owned entities. We are responsible for garnering internal approvals for transactions that are being studied for these counterparties who happen to operate in a wide range of industries. In that process, CCG will analyse the counterparties’ industries, markets or niches, as well as their financial condition based on in-depth financial statement analysis.
CCG is also responsible for tracking the exposures, under transactions closed, until they have been fully repaid, settled or expired. We work very closely with the front office, which has the day-to-day contact with clients, with the business lines, legal department, portfolio management group, and the Risk department at our head office in Paris.
During your VIE mission you will be in charge of these responsibilities:
These will be:
- Using a wide range of tools and info sources to put together coherent, concise credit applications which will culminate in a recommendation for approval, a rating for the obligor and an assessment of the loss given default.
- Researching and obtaining industry and client information from the internet, Bloomberg, and other sources that might be available;
- Obtaining and synthesizing the issues from companies annual reports financial statements from website and company websites;
- Maintaining credit files (all kept electronically) in good order;
- Preparing client exposure reports and financial spreadsheets in Excel;
- Utilizing tools such as those for concentration analysis, client rating, profitability analysis and approved client facilities as well as outstanding exposures;
- Assist in the review of loan documentation including monitoring covenant compliance of clients.
The VIE assignment in a nutshell
This VIE in MADRID is to begin as soon as possible but you need to plan 3 months between your application date and the beginning of your VIE assignment. It will last 12 months renewable
The VIE is a specific contract, under Business France’s eligibility criteria, opened to candidates under 28 and from the member states of the European Economic Space. For further information, please see www.civiweb.com.
You are graduated with a Master degree from Engineering or Business School or University in business and finance field, with high knowledge of economics, accounting and financial statement analysis.
A previous experience in Investment Banking would be appreciated.
You are fluent in English and Spanish.
You are proficient in Office application.
After a year or two in this role, the candidate will be able to understand the basics of credit analysis, of how a wholesale bank functions, how it delivers solutions to clients and, as CCG is intimately involved in the Bank’s client relationships and in so many sectors, the analyst will be attuned to the economy and the goings-on in the financial sector. This all will open the door for the candidate to pursue a career in banking or enter into a wide range of businesses, not the least in planning or financial management in corporates.
To facilitate the examination of your application by our English-speaking managers, we thank you for applying in English.