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  • Comptabilité / Contrôle de gestion

Description de l'offre


As a Credit Analyst, he/she will be reponsible for conducting counterparty and Credit Analyst and for monitoring the exposure and profitability of a portfolio of assigned clients.

· To quantify, qualify and to ensure the follow up of Counterparty/Credit Risk assessment (client & prospects) and exposures of an assigned portfolio in order to enable decision makers to commit BNPP in acceptable Deals/relationships and to monitor the global Risk the Bank undertakes.

· To ensure the data collection and consistency and to analyse/exploit all relevant internal and external information (memos, annual reports, financial statements, industrial / sector-based analysis, brokers notes, press, web sites information…) on his/her clients portfolio.

· To act as an interface amongst the different participants of the Credit Process.

· To participate, with the Relationship Manager, to the banking relationship follow up, in order to better identify credit and counterparty riks.


COUNTERPARTY & CREDIT RISKS: The major responsibility of a Credit Analyst is to objectively diagnose and evaluate the Counterparty and Credit Risks of an assigned portfolio and to analyse the profitability Clients generate for the Bank.

· He/She prepares the Annual Reviews (AR) for files that belong to his/her assigned portfolio and presents the New Resquests (NR) under the responsibility of Coverage - including prospects ones - by writing up exhaustive but synthetic Credit Proposals based on a selective commercial and/ or risk approach. It includes:

- The annual re-treatment of the Counterparty's financial statements (social & consolidated) into a Spreadsheet.

- The analysis of the lines/global Exposure on a Counterparty/Corporate Group, in term of commitments, amount, maturity, pricing, utilisations, term sheets, security package, covenants, legal aspect…

- The analysis of the Business(Country of business/ Environment/ Sector/ Leading position/ Peer analysis/ Management & strategy) and the Financial Risk Profiles (liquidity/ solvency/ Re-payment capacity/ funding sources) of the clients.

· He/She also prepares synthetic notes to present the main issues of the Credit Proposals (AR or NR) transmitted by contributors Sites:

- He/She sets the Counterparty into the Group context, identifying major risks and commercial key issues.

- He/She highlights the stake of proposed transaction/ relationship regarding the Bank strategy towards the Corporate Group, especially its profitability.

- He/She concludes with a well-argued recommendation.

· On a regular basis, He/She develops and updates Client's understanding/signals, at an early stage, and any change that can impact on credit quality, market, strategy and financing opportunities.

- He/She understands sectors evolution and their risk issues,

- He/She deeply knows customers activities and their related risks.

- He/She positions clients on their different markets segments regarding their peers.

- He/She confronts possible scenarios of evolution and establishes anticipations.

· He/She can present files in local committee if needed.

· From time to time, He/She contributes to the risk reporting: PRC, income by specific geographic zones, committee of debtors, Watchlists…

CLIENT RELATIONSHIP SUPPORT: Credit Analyst supports Coverage Officers in the client relationship follow up.

• He/She ensures the follow up of the global relationship between Bank network/ Business lines and Corporate Group's subsidiaries in relation overseas:

• He/She coordinates when applicable: Legal Docs wording writing up, guarantee's collection/registration. Covenants' respect. Bid offers' reponses. Facilities' proper booking.

• He/She collects information on income sources and realises analysis on Client profitability (annually and punctually). He/She can propose actions besed on profitability parameters when needed.