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  • Barcelona (Barcelona)
  • October 22, 2018
  • Hotels - Restaurants

Job description

Key tasks

Overview of duties
'Organises and sells bar services for guests
Manages the point of sale'
Main responsibilities
'The level of responsibility may vary according to the employee's next target qualification
in the Players multicompetence development programme (Qualified, Expert or Leader)'
Customer relations
'• Provides a friendly and personal welcome for guests and remains attentive to their needs
• Promotes the bar offer
• Establishes good relations with guests, offering advice and fostering customer loyalty'
Professional techniques / Production
'• Knows all the bar and menu products (beverage technical guidelines)
• Manages the stocks and setup for the bar in line with brand standards
• Serves guests at the bar, organising his/her work to suit fluctuations in numbers
• Ensures the equipment used remains in good condition
• Applies the procedures for opening and closing a point of sale'
Commercial / Sales
'• Offers detailed advice to guests on all the services provided by the hotel
• Promotes the bar's special offers, cocktails and full range of products
• Creates the right atmosphere for the hotel's bar concept
• Develops bar revenue through additional sales techniques'
Management and administration
'• Helps meet the department's targets by:
- following the technical guidelines to the letter and using the right doses
- avoiding waste and loss of merchandise
- respecting the hotel's procedures and internal audit processes
• Helps manage stocks and inventories
• Manages invoicing and cash operations for bar services
• Is responsible for the bar's cash holdings'
Hygiene / Personal safety / Environment
'• Ensures that the workplace remains clean and tidy and the safety of consumable goods by always respecting HACCP regulations
• Respects the instructions and safety guidelines for the equipment (s)he uses
• Applies the hotel's security regulations (in case of fire etc)
• Applies the regulations on the sale of alcoholic beverages

Ideal candidate profile


Level of Education Vocational education
Areas of study Food and beverage
Professional experiences 1 to 2 years
Languages essential French

Essential and optional requirements

Nos encantaría contar contigo si estás preparad@ para formar parte de nuestro Team talent.

¿Te consideras....
persona imparable, extrovertida, con iniciativa e inquietudes, resistencia al stress, 'solution-finding', capacidad para anticiparse a situaciones o necesidades futuras, que desarrolle toda su creatividad y audacia para aportar ideas en el día a día.

'Easy going profesional' que sorprenda a los clientes con su mejor sonrisa, que aprecie los detalles y que trasmita una apasionada actitud de servicio.

Con buenas habilidades de venta encaminada a la consecucion de objetivos.

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