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Artificial Intelligence Engineer Malaga/Sevilla

  • Шпанија амбасада (Општина Центар)
  • Design / Civil engineering / Industrial engineering

Job description

At Accenture Technology, the Artificial Intelligence domain aims to exploit advances in natural language processing, computer vision and machine learning to offer differentiated assets and solutions to our clients.

More specifically, Artificial Intelligence aims at enabling computers to operate as humans would, thus creating smarter enterprise solutions that are able to sense, comprehend, act and learn. Artificial Intelligence consists of multiple technologies that enable computers to perceive the world (e.g. computer vision, audio processing or sensor processing), analyze and understand the information collected (e.g. natural language processing or knowledge representation), and make informed decisions (e.g. inference engines or expert systems), while learning from the experience (machine learning, deep learning). When combined, these technologies can lead to various capabilities, including Virtual Agents/chatbots, Robotic Process Automation, intelligent case processing, Video Analytics, Unique Identity/biometrics, inference engines, stream monitoring solutions, intelligent search etc. See

Your Work:

You will alternately be working internally within the Artificial Intelligence team to develop innovative concepts and applications, and for our clients across the world to pilot and deploy solutions at scale.

- When working internally, you will participate in the development of our Artificial Intelligence solutions, from prototyping new functionality and technologies to integrating them in our overall products and offerings, thus developing your expertise and skills in this domain.

- For our clients, you will work in the development and deployment of our AI solutions and will usually collaborate with international teams of consultants.

Project teams are typically multi-disciplinary, supplementing your technical ability with industry experts, local technology skills, and functional knowledge. Depending on your level of experience, your activities will spread from requirements gathering, design, development and/or integration of applications and technology solutions, to team or project management, whilst being in regular interaction with client personnel.

Ideal candidate profile

Qualifications :

We are seeking innovative, talented, energetic technology professionals with:


- Technical education, aligned with Computer Science, Maths, Engineering or AI

- Minimum 1 year of experience in projects developing and exploiting AI technology

General Skills:

- A strong interest in leading edge technology, and in user experience/usability

- A willingness to learn deep technical skills and apply them to the business of our clients

- Creativity and the ability to propose and drive idea realization

- Team spirit and problem solving ability, ability to work independently

- Very good interpersonal skills and ability to present in front of an audience

Domain-Specific Skills:

- Machine/Deep Learning – machine learning algorithms and platforms, neural networks, TensorFlow, Python, R…

- Vision – computer vision, object recognition/tracking, face/gender/age/emotion recognition, OCR/handwriting recognition…

Skills in some of the following domains are also valuable:

- Language – Natural Language Processing, machine translation, emotion detection, language detection, classification…

- Sound – audio processing, Speech To Text, speech recognition, text to speech, emotion detection, language detection, sound recognition, gender/age detection, speaker detection…

- AI solutions – Virtual Agents, Robotic Process Automation, intelligent case processing, Video Analytics, Unique Identity/ biometrics, inference engines, stream monitoring, intelligent search, ontologies/knowledge representations…

Core Skills:

- Technical – deep aptitude and proficiency in programming and design techniques in some of the core areas: .Net platform (incl. WPF and WCF), C# / C++, Java, Web/DB development, complex event processing, design patterns. Understanding of technical architectures and current state of the market in several technology areas. Hands-on experience.

- Communications – strong written and oral communications skills; ability to establish credibility.

- Innovation and/or Entrepreneurial – ownership, initiation and incubation of new ideas and concepts on school / work projects. Desire to create practical new business applications based on innovative technologies.