Zahida Zahida

PhD Researcher

40 ans • Nice


I am environmentalist, specifically interested in multidisciplinary research and GIS modelling. I specialized in developing methodologies to assess environmental problems and produced interactive maps, and generalize scientific information in order to best fix the problem.


researchNatural HazardVulnerabilityResilienceGIS/Remote SensingRisk AssessmentModeling


PhD Researcher

I worked as multidisciplinary researcher in Geoazur laboratory department of geosciences. I focus to integrate natural, social, human and technological dimension in order to analyze risk. My research work involved great deal of independent research, self-motivation and acquiring wide range of GIS skills. It involved qualitative and quantitative assessment; evolution of rainfall induced shallow landslide susceptibility, landslide hazard zonation maps and integrated approach to develop conceptual modeling, methodology development and mapping of territorial vulnerability and territorial resilience in the framework of natural hazard and risk assessment. This interdisciplinary approach gave me varied skills and understanding of predisposed conditions leading to catastrophic events both with natural as well as human induces patterns. This research work enables me to undertake and experience wide range of scientific problems by integrating particular concerns to predisposed conditions within socio-economic context with detailed on how these attributes could be impacted with fast-evolving natural events. Major contribution of this work is to present results in international conferences and published research articles


Major responsibilities included GIS analysis of satellite images. Learn and experience different GIS techniques as , georeferencing, digitizing, image rectification, image analysis and interpretation, ground truthing, and prepared final Maps with respect to job objectives


I taught subjects such as: Biology, Science and computer Science to school children ages of 10 to 16 years. I was also responsible to handle day to day administrative work, such as drafting and printing official letters, preparing study modules for primary sections, typing and printing term papers. Coordinate with teachers and ensure smooth working environment, preparation of class time tables, and manage reschedule classes.


I carried extensive research on elements that were introduced as ozone depleting substances in Montreal Protocol. After having literature on number of chemical I focused on Methyl Bromide as ozone depleting substances. I have completed a project on Phase out Schedule of Ozone Depleting Substances with Special Reference to Methyl Bromide in Pakistan.


Université De Nice Sophia Atipolis

2012 - 2016 Nice (Alpes-Maritimes)EnvironnementResearch Project: Analysis of Gravitational Hazards Territorial Vulnerability and Territorial Resilience within Department of Alps-Maritimes, South east France

Comsats Institute Of Information Technology

2008 - 2010 Master's Degree Abbottabad (Abbottabad District)EnvironnementProject: Applications of GIS/Remote Sensing to analyse forest cover change analysis of two decades

Fatima Jinnah Women University

2003 - 2005 Master's Degree Rawalpindi (Pakistan)EnvironnementProject: Analysis of Heavy Metal Contamination in Soil and Effluents of Hattar Industrial Estate Haripur, Pakistan

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