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Data Privacy Intern

  • Internship
  • IT development

Job description


1.    Animate data privacy compliance

§ Animates Data privacy topics via any kind of initiatives to raise awareness (communication, training…)

§ Organizes and animates a Steering committee on Data Privacy

2.    Define, structure and implement data privacy guidelines considering specificities in his/her scope of responsibility such as:

§ Privacy by design in all projects initiatives

§ Privacy Impact Assessment

§ Data/inventory mapping

3.    Accelerate and support compliance

§ Assists Register recordings (declaration updates, quality and consistency of recordings )

§ Supports and follows-up on implementation of Group or Zones tools

§ Ensures compliance actions to be followed up

4.    Liaise with Chief Data Officer/CFO

§ Updates regularly to data privacy steering committee

§ Reports and escalates to Chief Data Officer/CFO compliance roadmap and action plan (steps forwards and areas of improvement)

Required SKILLS:

§ Logical thinking, well structure

§ English & Excel proficiency

§ Able to understand of IT challenges and business stakes

§ Communication skills & Project management

§ Ability to influence key stakeholders and manage relationships.

§ Knowledge of local data protection law, regulations and practices & Experience in working with Data Protection Authorities is a plus