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A400M Conformity & CCMD

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Job description

Description of the job

¤ Manage and secure key industrial milestones reviews such as FOT, PF1, PFF2, IHO1, IHO2. TFR and FCR.
¤ Review the status of completion of the Aircraft to declare it 'safe for production flights' as well as engine and APU run-up, based on documental process.
Signing of PACC and AIR1 for FOT and FF acceptation and signing of PATCC and CACC.
¤ Guarantee aircraft production is in compliance with EASA PART21 G rules and that Production Organization Approval (POA) regulations are fulfilled.
¤ Declare the completeness and correctness of the Aircraft Inspection Reports:
- AIR1 for First Flight.
- Declare to the Head of the Delivery Centre that the A/C is ready for the transfer to Delivery Centre according AIR2 status.
- Review the status for A/C Conformity according AIR3 and assure Customer documentation for TOT, in Delivery Process.
¤ Airbus D&S representative for Airworthiness Authorities to obtain the required airworthiness certificate from the Authorities: CAR - Restricted
Airworthiness Certificate and CAEx/CAV -Airworthiness Certificate for Exportation.
¤ Review the conformity of the product according company procedures and following the applicable regulation, the authorities' requests and the contract
¤ Contributor to perform the series milestone on time to ensure Aircraft is transferred/delivered in compliance with civil and military rules.
¤ Ensure the embodiment of new requirements received from the Authorities.
¤ Ensure in front of the Authorities the airworthy condition of the aircraft during the Flight phase including the Delivery Phase.
¤ Process Leading of meetings, discussion of requirements, issuance of conclusions and decision of transferring the A/C in milestones as FOT, First Flight,
Industrial HandOver to Delivery Center and Conformity of Final Aircraft.
¤ CCMD (Configuration Control Management and Documentation) activities at A400M FAL, Flight Line & Delivery Center.
¤ Coordination with partners for closuring of Partners' CAIRs and their management at FAL level.
¤ Support DGAM on all issues related to configuration and documentation of each CA and the FAL process and in all FIPs and IHO with DGAM.
¤ Detection, analysis and resolution of any discrepancies throughout the process of configuration management. Gap justification of all unresolved gaps to
FAL level and complete aircraft Assistance for Customer delivery documentation presentation.
¤ Conformity and CCMD KPIs Management.
¤ Promotion of quality and improvement culture.
¤ Cascade and ensure lessons learned and process optimization.

Tasks & accountabilities

This job requires an awareness of any potential compliance risks and a commitment to act with integrity, as the foundation for the Company's success, reputation and sustainable growth.

Required skills

Quality :3 to 5 years
English :Negotiation level
Spanish :Negotiation level

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