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Assistant Software Engineer Testing

  • Zaragoza (Zaragoza)
  • Développement informatique

Description de l'offre

Country: Spain
Job Function: Information Technology

State / Province: Spain
Position Type: Full time

City / Location: Zaragoza
Brand: adidas


Somewhere, in one of our workshops right now, the future is taking shape. We are constantly working to redefine the way clothing and footwear transforms the pitch, court or course. This is what drives us: the feeling of discovery and the urge to innovate. When we create a product that makes our hearts beat faster, we know we’re onto something.

If this sounds inspiring, you might be one of us: Someone who loves to create the present, as well as shape the future. There’s a reason adidas has been at the forefront of defining sport for more than 60 years: We never stand still. Everyday, we work to improve everything we create.

At adidas, interesting, amazing and inspiring aren’t just ideas. They are what we do every single day.


We believe that through Sport, we have the power to change lives. To change lives, we have to create direct relationships with consumers and the best way to accelerate building direct relationships is through Digital. Therefore, the primary purpose of our engineering teams is to engage with our customers in order to deliver the highest possible value for them. This customer serving view is a vital activity for all product teams within Digital IT. Each product team wants to enlighten our customers with the best possible consumer journey as well as by providing innovative ways of engaging with them. The teams implement and deliver world class solutions and tackle the toughest engineering challenges while focusing on the customer, quality and time to market.

Because of its customer centric and quality focused view, Software Engineering team members require excellent development skills, commitment and a real passion to provide the best possible customer experience. People who understand software engineering from the ground and who are driven to apply best practices in order to have outstanding results.

Key Accountabilities

Systems Development & Integration

· Systems Design
· Undertakes complete design of simple applications using simple templates and tools.
· Assists as part of a team on design of components of larger systems.
· Produces detailed designs including for example: physical data flows, file layouts, common routines and utilities, program specifications or prototypes, and backup, recovery and restart procedures.

Database Design

· Translates and implements simple development project requirements into physical database structures.
· Assesses proposed changes to object and data structures and implements these changes in physical databases.
· Assists in database management system support activities for operational database systems.

Programming / Software Engineering

· Designs, codes, tests, corrects, and documents simple programs, or scripts and assists in the implementation of software which forms part of a properly engineered information or communications system.


· Defines test conditions for given requirements.
· Designs test cases and creates test scripts and supporting data, working to the specifications provided.
· Interprets, executes and records test cases in accordance with project test plans.
· Analyses and reports test activities and results.
· Identifies and reports issues and risks.

Systems Integration

· Produces software builds from software source code.
· Conducts tests as defined in an integration test specification, records the details of any failures, and carries out fault diagnosis relating to simple failures, reporting the results of the diagnosis in a clear and concise manner.

Porting / Software Configuration

· Assists in the configuration of software and equipment and the systems testing of platform-specific versions of one or more software products.
· Documents faults, implements resolutions and retests to agreed standards.

Service Design, Transition & Operations

Application Support

· Assists in the investigation and resolution of issues relating to applications.
· Assists with specified maintenance procedures.

Agile way of working

· Become part of empowered and autonomous teams which are highly customer centric
· Work with agile methodologies like Scrum/Kanban
· Feel ownership for the products you are working on
· Be highly collaborative
· Work closely with the customer
· Deploy early and regularly to incorporate feedback and to constantly improve the products

Knowledge, Capabilities and Experience

· English language (fluent)
· Acquiring a proper understanding of a problem or situation by breaking it down systematically into its component parts and identifying the relationships between these parts, selecting the appropriate method/tool to resolve the problem and reflecting on the result, such that learning is identified and absorbed
· Maintaining focus on agreed objectives and deliverables whatever the circumstances.
· Understanding the needs, objectives and constraints of those in other disciplines and functions.
· Working co-operatively (rather than competitively) with others to achieve a common goal.


· 4-year college or university degree with focus on Information Technology or related area. Or equivalent combination of education and experience
· 0 – 1 years of related work experience